Physio at Home

We have completed appointments in all sorts of places, from people’s homes to the home of cricket, and gyms to stadiums.

Physio at home

NeuroPhysio has an extensive domiciliary service and is able to provide expert neurological rehabilitation to people in their own homes, residences and within the community.

We have completed appointments in all sorts of places, from people’s homes to the home of cricket, and gyms to stadiums.

Home neurological physiotherapy consultations enable our skilled neuro physio team to make recommendations that fit perfectly with the person’s environment and lifestyle. It means NeuroPhysio can tailor any exercises to the space and equipment available, as well as allowing us to prescribe effective practice of movements within the exact context that they will be completed. Neuro rehabilitation works best when it is goal driven and specific to whatever task or activity the person wants to achieve. That’s why our neuro physio team will also work with you anywhere else in the community that’s required. Our Access Sport programme is designed to take rehabilitation beyond the clinic and to pursue each individuals interests, no matter what they are.

Neuro Physio home visits are currently available in Herts, Essex, Beds, North London, East London, Dorset, Hampshire and southern Wiltshire. NeuroPhysio is however a growing team so please do call us to confirm our availability if you are situated outside of these areas.

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I have worked with James with a number of clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries. James has provided valuable input to each client. His contributions have undoubtedly promoted their quality of life, mobility and functioning. James is able to apply his skills and knowledge to promote the optimum outcomes for his clients. He is approachable and his clients and the multi-disciplinary teams greatly value his contributions. James responds in a timely manner to questions posed by myself and the team to ensure that the clients needs are addressed in a timely way. I would very much recommend James to you.

jennifer rudd

Worked with James for my father's rehabilitation following a sudden and severe stroke. James dealt with any situation with upmost professionalism, whilst being fun and friendly. Over the 12 months of physio the progress has been incredible (bringing me to tears occasionally!) and James has adapted to suit the changing needs of my dad. Through both home sessions and sessions within our local gym my Dad went from strength to strength and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you James, giving my dad a better future than we once thought wouldn't be possible.

katie taylor