Complex Orthopaedic Trauma

NeuroPhysio provides effective rehabilitation to clients’ who have suffered orthopaedic trauma including complex fractures, ligamentous injury and amputation.
Complex Orthopaedic Trauma

NeuroPhysio provides effective rehabilitation to clients’ who have suffered orthopaedic trauma including complex fractures, ligamentous injury and amputation.

Our expert team work independently or within an inter-disciplinary framework to prescribe home physiotherapy programmes, gym-based exercise regimes, ongoing community rehabilitation and to train care teams at any stage of a client’s recovery. Complex Orthopaedic Trauma assessments are comprehensive and rehabilitation programmes are evidence based, client-centred and goal directed. We empower individuals to take control of their rehabilitation, regain their independence and resume meaningful everyday activities.

How We Work

NeuroPhysio is focussed on providing each client with compassionate and aspirational complex trauma rehabilitation, which realises their full potential and maintains our core values of excellence, integrity and empathy.

We offer domiciliary visits and community-based rehabilitation depending on the specific needs of the client. No matter where the consultations take place we aim for success to progress beyond the consultation and to achieve meaningful changes in an individual’s day-to-day life.

Initial needs assessment reports are comprehensive, including clinical assessment, objective measurement of the client’s ability, equipment considerations and a quote for the recommended rehabilitation frequency. We maintain comprehensive records, including regular photographic and video recordings, to document our treatment and the client’s progress. NeuroPhysio provide regular informal updates and reports to ensure that you’re fully aware of how treatment is progressing.

Who We Help

NeuroPhysio complex trauma physiotherapists have extensive experience in helping clients to rehabilitate from a variety of orthopaedic injuries including:


Joint replacements


Joint dislocation


Post-fusion surgery


Complex fractures (during and following surgical stabilisation)




Muscle tears and trauma


Severe cartilage injury


Ligamentous injuries (conservatively managed or following reconstructive surgery)


NeuroPhysio complex trauma services for case managed clients are specific to the individual’s needs and responsive to changing circumstances.

We provide recommendations on a case-by-case basis which may include helping the client to understand the nature of their injuries, providing pre-surgery intervention, ongoing rehabilitation or support to regain their functional ability.

Our services include:

  • Pre-operative Physiotherapy Assessment: To limit the impact of the client’s injury on surrounding structures and strengthen muscles that will assist in their recovery.
  • Post Operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation: To maximise the recovery of functional ability in order to promote physical and mental well-being.
  • Trauma Rehabilitation: To prescribe a graded programme of rehabilitation which may include pain management strategies, manual techniques, exercise and technology.

Find out how we can help

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See what our customers have to say about us…

I have worked with James with a number of clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries. James has provided valuable input to each client. His contributions have undoubtedly promoted their quality of life, mobility and functioning. James is able to apply his skills and knowledge to promote the optimum outcomes for his clients. He is approachable and his clients and the multi-disciplinary teams greatly value his contributions. James responds in a timely manner to questions posed by myself and the team to ensure that the clients needs are addressed in a timely way. I would very much recommend James to you.

jennifer rudd

Worked with James for my father's rehabilitation following a sudden and severe stroke. James dealt with any situation with upmost professionalism, whilst being fun and friendly. Over the 12 months of physio the progress has been incredible (bringing me to tears occasionally!) and James has adapted to suit the changing needs of my dad. Through both home sessions and sessions within our local gym my Dad went from strength to strength and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you James, giving my dad a better future than we once thought wouldn't be possible.

katie taylor