Conditions Treated

NeuroPhysio is experienced in helping people recover from a variety of neurological disorders

Helping People Recover

At NeuroPhysio we help children and adults with acquired brain injuries, spinal injuries, complex trauma and associated conditions including vestibular disorders.

Neurological injury or disease can make it difficult to move, feel and continue with the activities that matter most to a person, often resulting in a loss of independence. Our Neurological Physiotherapists can identify the physical and sensory causes of these problems and develop effective rehabilitation programmes to improve them.

Conditions Treated

Acquired Brain Injury

Neurological physiotherapy is an essential component of rehabilitation following an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). Our neurological physiotherapists provide treatment to individuals with mild to severe brain injury and those with prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC). Some of the conditions we regularly see include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Vegetative States
  • Minimally Conscious States
  • Stroke
  • Brain Haemorrhage
  • Aneurysm
  • Mild head injury
  • Concussion

At NeuroPhysio we help people to recover movement, sensation and return to meaningful, value-based activities and lives. For more persistent conditions, we are experienced in providing programmes to manage longer term health and wellbeing.

Conditions Treated

Spinal Cord Injury

NeuroPhysio provides specialist rehabilitation to paraplegic, tetraplegic and triplegic individuals following complete and incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI). Our assessment and rehabilitation programmes focus on the specific needs of the client and are tailored to meet their personal goals and aspirations.

Whilst it is likely that the treatment will have a degree of impairment focus, we consider our main aim to equip them with the functional skills commensurate with their injury, to enable them to return to previously enjoyed activities, facilitate the identification of new, value-based activities, and support the return to a varied and rewarding life. To enhance our rehabilitation programme NeuroPhysio has developed an ‘Access Sport’ service with links to local and regional sporting clubs and organisations who are able to offer sporting programmes to wheelchair users.

    Conditions Treated

    Complex Trauma

    The expert team at NeuroPhysio includes Physiotherapists with experience of assessing and providing rehabilitation to clients with complex trauma, including orthopaedic injuries (fractures, soft tissue and amputees), either independently or alongside a neurological disorder. NeuroPhysio provides comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation that is specific to the type and severity of the injury, but does not view the affected area in isolation. Our extensive experience of treating clients with severe polytrauma has enabled us to develop a treatment approach that is holistic and functionally driven, placing the client’s own emotional needs and values at the centre of the rehabilitation.

      Conditions Treated

      Vestibular Disorders

      There is a strong association between central and peripheral vestibular disorders and head trauma. The NeuroPhysio team therefore each have training to screen for and identify vestibular and balance disorders which can significantly impact on a client’s day to day functioning.

      When more specialist assessment is required our team also includes Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapists with expertise in managing ongoing symptoms and designing appropriate vestibular rehabilitation programmes.

      NeuroPhysio clinical procedures include oculomotor assessment, balance measurement, symptom recording and specific positional testing.

      Conditions Treated

      Brachial Plexus Injury

      Brachial plexus rehabilitation is a complex and specialist area. Injuries can result in severe and chronic sensorimotor movement impairments and Central Nervous System reorganisation causing non-use of the affected limb.

      Muscle atrophy, pain and somatosensory deficits are frequent complaints and a graded approach to recovery is often required, particularly following surgical repair. NeuroPhysio provides a comprehensive assessment and ongoing rehabilitation including stretching programmes, electrical stimulation, progressive strength training, mirror box therapy and constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT).

      At NeuroPhysio we also help clients with a broad range of other neurological disorders and diseases. If you are seeking to instruct a specialist neurological physiotherapist for a client with a condition not listed above, please contact us to see if we can help.


      See what our customers have to say about us…

      I have worked with James with a number of clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries. James has provided valuable input to each client. His contributions have undoubtedly promoted their quality of life, mobility and functioning. James is able to apply his skills and knowledge to promote the optimum outcomes for his clients. He is approachable and his clients and the multi-disciplinary teams greatly value his contributions. James responds in a timely manner to questions posed by myself and the team to ensure that the clients needs are addressed in a timely way. I would very much recommend James to you.

      jennifer rudd

      Worked with James for my father's rehabilitation following a sudden and severe stroke. James dealt with any situation with upmost professionalism, whilst being fun and friendly. Over the 12 months of physio the progress has been incredible (bringing me to tears occasionally!) and James has adapted to suit the changing needs of my dad. Through both home sessions and sessions within our local gym my Dad went from strength to strength and I cannot thank him enough. Thank you James, giving my dad a better future than we once thought wouldn't be possible.

      katie taylor